Our oil and plastic problem


How right you are about trash in the oceans and how ironic that, while oil-based products are floating around in circles in the oceans, raw oil is trashing the Gulf of Mexico from below (May 17). The astronauts currently up in the Atlantis shuttle can take pictures of the petroleum gyre as it expands toward the Gulf Stream.

Lewiston could help make a tiny dent in this refuse stream if its recycling program accepted all types of plastic, HDPE No. 1 through No. 5. Lewiston does pick up No. 2 plastic, but not all types. Milk cartons and detergent containers make the grade while yogurt lids and black nursery pots are rejected.

I realize that the recycling market margins are slim, but the acceptance of only certain types of plastic defeats the overall purpose and, in the long run, the oceans suffer.

Let’s remember that the Gulf Stream flows not very far from the Gulf of Maine. We are all part of this oil and plastic problem.

Edward Z. Walworth, Lewiston