Oil profits are dirty money


I think officials of the major oil companies are corrupt. I think they are acting, if not un-American, certainly anti-America with this price gouging of America in the middle of a war. It certainly must give encouragement to our enemies to know that the major oil companies are about to upset the entire U.S. economy with their greed.

These oil companies are terrorizing Congress into letting them start drilling where they have been barred from drilling in Alaska. There is no need for that. The Southern part of the U.S. has more oil ready to get than all the oil that’s been taken from there since Day One.

Some people say they are tired of hurricane freeloaders. Government officials should act with some sense and reopen the oil fields along the coast to drilling. The location is perfect and access is there now. And, God knows, the people of the southern U.S. can use the jobs to pay for their lost homes.

I imagine many politicians in Washington, D.C., have lots of money invested in oil and are making outlandish returns on their investment. However, right now, it’s dirty money, greed money. Money coming by the gouging of fellow Americans, the government and the military.

People are going to be depending on the people making money from this anti-America activity to stop the activity.

Most certainly, it’s “In God we trust.”

Joel Denison, Strong