Old farmhouse about to be moved


CANTON – While most of the dozens of homes that have been bought out in the Canton flood plain have been razed, the early 19th century farmhouse once owned by Doug and Vivian Hanmer has not.

And for that, Vivian is grateful.

“I couldn’t watch it if it was being destroyed,” she said Thursday afternoon. “But I can watch it being moved.”

She and her husband lived in the Cape-style home for 24 years, and had even moved their home up a knoll on their Route 108 lot a few years ago in an attempt to get it out of potential floodwaters.

But because of the devastating flood of December 2003, the town was able to get grant money to buy out dozens of homes located in the flood plain, and last May, the Hanmers, along with many other flood plain homeowners, sold their home.

While most houses in the flood plain have been taken down or will soon be razed, John and Cynthia Bissell bought the Hanmers’ home and will have it moved.

Jim Nickerson, owner of Nickerson Building Movers Inc. of Kingfield, and a crew were on the site Thursday. The men were putting steel beams under the house, preparing for the move in about three weeks to Golden Ridge Estates, just over a mile north off Route 108 on Summit Road.

Vivian said the nearly two century-old home once had a front porch and a barn. Those were removed, and a new garage built at the rear of the building. She said the home’s construction included that typical of the era, with hand-hewn beams and wooden pegs.

She and her husband did a huge amount of renovation and restoration during the nearly quarter-century they lived there.

Now, they live in Sangerville, a small town about 30 miles southeast of Greenville, in a log cabin at the end of a dead-end road.

“It’s much quieter there,” she said.