One cool idea


This is in response to Normand Dostie’s letter July 21 about how he thinks the rock camp is demonic.

Rock ‘n’ roll is a wide genre. It’s not just that demonic heavy metal that he must think of. There is also “indie “rock, punk rock, pop rock, country rock, blues rock, space rock, experimental rock, soft rock … the list goes on. Not all of them are Satanic.

I applaud those kids for going to that camp. It teaches them how to record songs, perform in front of audiences, and it gives music lovers a chance. At least those kids are not becoming rappers, sex-obsessed pop/R&B singers (which, I believe, are also Satanic) or drug users.

I’ve never seen “School of Rock,” but the idea of a band camp is cool.

Karen Stickney, Auburn