Be an organ donor


I thank Rep. Brian Langley, R-Ellsworth, for his support of organ donors (March 27). This has touched my family, as my son has been on the heart list for almost two years. He is home, waiting, while he has to live with an assist device.

This is a young Maine man, a veteran, father and grandfather, who has put his life on hold, praying daily that someone will care enough to step up and become a donor.

I have heard that not as many people are becoming donors at a time when the need continues to grow. My son has just had his 49th birthday. For his birthday, I have asked every contact on Facebook and family to become an organ donor for him and for all those waiting.

It takes only a moment to sign up to be an organ donor and could save many lives. Just let others know you want to be a donor. Do it today. You might save a life. How great is that, to have that power just by saying, “I will be a donor; I will save lives.”

I thank you.

Cathy Palmer, New Sharon