Organization offers healthy competition


FARMINGTON — Work First Inc., a private nonprofit organization offering services to individuals with disabilities to encourage more independence, is offering a Healthy Team Competition to all its employees. On April 5, six teams of seven employees on each team turned in their results of their first week of eating healthier, increasing their exercise and changing some unhealthy habits.

Teams received a log for daily recording in the three areas listed above. The team members track how many minutes of physical activity they perform in a day, how many servings of fruits and vegetables they eat and how many unhealthy habits they discontinued and substituted for a healthier choice.

The points are added up then submitted to team leaders. Each team came up with names such as, “Work First Determinators” and “Walk First.” Team leaders share healthy tips, articles and other motivational incentives throughout the week to inspire their teammates.

At the end of five weeks, the team with the most points will win prizes and a title of “The Biggest Winner.” All participants gaining 400 points or more will be entered into a grand prize drawing.

James Barr, maintenance supervisor, said about the program, “It has helped me sleep better. I have more energy because my sleeping has improved because I have been exercising so much more. I am also working on my smoking habit and I’ve reduced it a lot.” Barr has been riding his bike to work from Wilton to increase his activity level.

Work First Inc. is already a smoke-free facility and participates in the wellness programs offered by the Healthy Community Coalition. This additional program was designed to offer a fun way to focus on self-improvement.