Otisfield considers marking difference between public and private roads


OTISFIELD — Selectmen gave a Road Study Review Committee member the go-ahead Wednesday night to start marking the ends of town roads that become private.

Each marking will be done with a 6-inch granite square with an engraving that will be put into the side of the road on town easement land.

The committee is charged with developing a plan to fund road improvements.

Committee member Herb Olsen told selectmen there are probably a half dozen such roads in town. The private sections of roads are not maintained by the town.

He said he was inspecting town roads with Road Commissioner Richard Bean Sr. when he realized that a marker separating private and public roads would be useful.

Olsen, who lives on a public/private road, said while some people in town may know where the public section end, it’s likely no one in the future will remember.


“As a taxpayer, I think we should do it now,” Olsen said. “Our knowledge may not be there in 10 years.”

Olsen will begin making calls to determine costs of a 6-inch square granite marker with engraving and present the information to the board for review.

Because the granite posts will be on private land that has a town easement, Selectman Rick Micklon suggested that affected residents be notified of the work.

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