Otten leads in Maine gov race money chase


AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — Republican Les Otten was leading the money chase as candidates for Maine governor who are raising private campaign dollars faced a deadline Tuesday to file finance reports for the June 8 primary.

Otten, one of seven Republicans in the primary race, reported Tuesday that he has raised $106,000 in contributions while lending his campaign another $1.2 million.

Otten said he was pleased with his fundraising efforts and “proud that I am able to use my own hard-earned dollars vs. the hard-earned dollars of the taxpayers to fund my candidacy.”

Republican Bruce Poliquin reported that he has collected more than $600,000. With in-kind contributions, he says he’s raised more than $860,000.

“I couldn’t be happier with the support our campaign has received,” said Poliquin. “It means we will be very competitive on June 8 and have the resources necessary to reach voters.”

Among other Republicans, Steve Abbott said he’s raised just under $300,000, Matt Jacobson $150,000 and Paul LePage $106,000. LePage also reported a $111,000 loan to his campaign. William Beardsley had not yet filed reports by mid-afternoon Tuesday. The filing deadline was midnight.


In the Democratic race, Steve Rowe reported raising about $424,000 through April 20, while Rosa Scarcelli raised nearly $324,000.

The two other Democrats in the race, Libby Mitchell and Pat McGowan, are receiving public campaign money through the Maine Clean Election Act, as is Republican Peter Mills.

Tuesday’s campaign spending reports were due a day after a fifth Democratic candidate, John Richardson, dropped out of the race after failing to meet requirements for Clean Election funding.