Oxford Casino looks for experienced workers out of state, defends hiring practices


OXFORD — Online job listings asking for casino workers to come to Maine have rankled some, who say The Oxford Casino is putting out-of-state people ahead of Mainers.

The Oxford Casino says experienced casino workers will be needed to train people who haven’t worked in gambling houses before.

In an item on the Public Gaming Research Institute’s website, casino General Manager Jack Sours said the Route 26 business has “a variety of positions available, including a significant need for experienced Table Games Dealers.”

“This is a great opportunity for people who moved away from Maine seeking employment, to return to their native state,” Sours is quoted as saying.

Dennis Bailey of CasinosNO said it’s evidence of what anti-casino activists have been saying since before the 2010 referendum — that casino jobs will largely go to people from away.

“It looks like the out-of-state investors are now running the show,” Bailey said in an email Monday. “I hate to say I told you so, but it appears that very few jobs at this casino will be going to Maine people.”

Scott Smith, community development director for The Oxford Casino, said that’s not the case. The casino is looking for experienced casino workers to train Maine people. While Eastern Maine Community College is training dealers for table games at Hollywood Slots, Smith said The Oxford Casino will train employees in-house.

Smith said the casino still plans to hold job fairs in March or April. On Saturday, The Oxford Casino posted 22 openings on casinocareers.com, including security officers, dealers, a human resources clerk and management positions for purchasing, food and beverage, facilities, marketing, training and other areas.

Silverton Casino, a casino and hotel operator in Las Vegas, has been hired to run The Oxford Casino, which is scheduled to open in June. The Nevada company will be in charge of hiring executives and managers to fill key positions at the facility and determine things such as the mix of slot machines and table games, the surveillance system and even the restaurant menu, Smith has said previously.

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