Oxford County commissioners hear Albany road complaints


PARIS — A handful of Albany Township residents attended the Oxford County commissioners’ monthly meeting Tuesday to raise concerns about the conditions of roads there.

Dave Keniston, a resident of Baker Road, said there is a gap between winter and summer road maintenance. He said that can leave months in between periods of maintenance, and that potholes on the road have become a serious issue.

“You can’t steer around them anymore,” he said.

Earl Tyler, who was awarded the county’s snowplowing contract for Albany roads last year, said Baker Road and Dresser School Road have been the most difficult roads to maintain. He said some of the roads are 14 to 18 feet wide, narrower than the standard subdivision specifications of 20 feet wide, and do not include adequate room to put snow.

Tyler added that there are dead trees in the nearby woods that could fall into the road. He said he believes maintenance on the roads has been lax, with repairs not taking place unless residents in the area complain about them.

“Ninety percent of the roads, they need to have some sort of attention,” he said.

Richard McInnis, the county road commissioner, said a summer maintenance person has not been chosen yet. He said the county has looked into removing trees and establishing more space along the side of the road, but has had trouble getting permission from landowners. He said repairs could also be expensive, with Tyler saying it would cost $150 per foot to bring roads up to subdivision specifications.

Commissioner David Duguay said he did not believe the roads needed to be up to subdivision standards, but should allow the passage of emergency vehicles. Chairman Steve Merrill suggested that the commissioners could take a trip to the area to see the problems and find out about right of way issues related to the roads.

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