Oxford County Fair pig scramble draws enthusiastic kids


OXFORD — Six-year-old Kelsey Cross bagged her third piglet of the year Thursday at the Oxford County Fair and announced it will meet the same fate as the one she snagged last year at the fair.

“The pig I caught last year, I raised it, took it to the butcher, and ate it after,” Cross said, grinning as she stood next to her catch. “I’m doing the same thing with this one.”

Cross, of Stoneham, was one of 12 entrants ages 6 and 7 racing to get one of the 10 piglets.

Her father admitted she’s an old pro at pig scrambles; it was her third catch this year.

Lucas Im participated for the first time and was the first to catch a piglet. He said he was unsure of what he wants to do with his catch.

Thirty children submitted their names for the contest and 12 were selected from a drawing. They had a chance to catch one of the 10 piglets and them get them into a burlap bag.

Inside the Pulling Pavilion adults and children hooted and hollered as if they were at a professional sports game. As each name was announced, yells and raucous cheers came from families and others there to watch. In 20 minutes all 10 bags were filled.

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Pig scramble winners

6- and 7-year-olds

Kiley Gavett, Bridgton

Wyatt Coombs, West Paris

Ellie Young, South Paris

Christian Chabe, Norway

Kamden Record, Norway

Lucas Im, South Paris

Avery Morgan, South Paris

Kelsey Cross, Stoneham

Mckenzie Wallace, Norway

Delmar Packard, Oxford

Kelsey Cross, 6, of Stoneham gets hold of her pig at the Oxford County Fair pig scramble on Thursday evening in Oxford.

Scarlett and Ian Quimi of Auburn look down at a piglet before the start of the Oxford County Fair pig scramble on Thursday evening in Oxford.

Six- and 7-year-olds race in hopes of bagging a piglet at the Oxford County Fair pig scramble on Thursday evening in Oxford. Winners were: Kiley Gavett, Bridgton; Wyatt Coombs, West Paris; Ellie Young, South Paris; Christian Chabe, Norway; Kamden Record, Norway; Lucas Im, South Paris; Avery Morgan, South Paris; Kelsey Cross, Stoneham; Mckenzie Wallace, Norway; and Delmar Packard, Oxford.