Oxford County sheriff admits to sending lurid photo


PARIS — Oxford County Sheriff Wayne Gallant has admitted to a news station that he sent a sexually explicit photo while in uniform.

WGME reported Wednesday that the sheriff had admitted to reporters that he was the one pictured in the photo, which he had taken while in office.

“I bring discredit to myself, to my uniform, my badge and the Maine Sheriffs Association,” Gallant said in a prepared statement, according to WGME. “The appropriate thing for me to do is not remain in a leadership position with the association and to step down.”

Gallant is reportedly stepping down from his position as head of the Maine Sheriffs Association, which released a terse statement late Tuesday.


“The Maine Sheriffs do not condone the inappropriate actions of the Oxford County Sheriff,” according to the statement. The statement added that Cumberland County Sheriff Kevin Joyce will take over as president of that group.

It was unclear Wednesday night whether Gallant would continue to serve as sheriff. County officials could not be reached for comment.

Gallant reportedly told WGME that he had sent the explicit photo to a woman whom he declined to identify. News officials at the station Tuesday night were not able to provide further information.

Gallant, a divorced father of three grown sons is in his third four-year term as sheriff. He was first elected in 2006. A lifelong resident of Rumford, he recently moved to Bethel.

Gallant did not return telephone messages Tuesday night.

Oxford County Sheriff Wayne Gallant (Maine Sheriff’s Association photo)

  • Thomas Knight

    County sheriff is a leadership position. Just ask any deputy, turnkey, dispatcher, transport officer who their leader is.

  • Rose

    So the Sheriff declined to mention that the woman happened to be a deputy sheriff? He doesn’t think that’s relevant? This guy should resign from his position immediately. No one in this position should be this stupid.

  • CruiserSailor

    As we used to say in the service, one thousand attaboys equals one gotcha. I prefer to think of the thousands and thousands of attaboys Wayne has garnered over his long and distinguished career in law enforcement and public service. I’m wishing only the best for this wonderful friend and comrade in arm

    • centeright

      Al, if he were a republican, would you feel the same?

      • CruiserSailor

        Absolutely! I have many republican friends and have voted republican many times. I even campaigned for Ted Hidriech (R) when he ran and won his seat in Augusta. In my comment, I wished Wayne only the best but I’m not giving him total absolution in this pay to play country of ours.