Oxford Federal Credit Union hosts free ski, tubing night


RUMFORD — The Oxford Federal Credit Union hosted a free ski and tubing night at Black Mountain Ski Resort on Thursday evening.

Matthew Kaubris, president and CEO of Oxford Federal Credit Union, greeted skiers as they entered the resort. The credit union set up a table at the entrance offering free armbands that lit up to use on the slopes. For some skiers, the armbands contained a blue sticker that allowed them the chance to spin a wheel and win prizes, including $10 iTunes gift cards, cash or clothing.

There was also a table to guess how much money was in a jar, with the person guessing correctly or the closest receiving an iPod shuffle.

The Young and Free Maine program, which helps people ages 18 to 25 better understand banking and is supported by the Oxford Federal Credit Union, sent spokesperson Kylie Keene of Old Town to the resort to talk about money and how she learned to handle finances.

Keene, 22, was armed with her camera and tripod, taking pictures of the skiers filtering in and out of the room for her daily blog. She is currently six months into her one-year stint as spokesperson of Young and Free Maine.

“I first heard about the program on the radio two years ago,” Keene said. “I tried applying the first year they did it, but Seth Poplaski won. I learned a lot from him before applying again the next year.”

Keene said being the spokesperson is “one of those instances where you wake up every day excited to go to your job.

“Young and Free Maine is an incredible experience,” she said. “I’ve gone to a ton of events all around the state and met a lot of people.”

She said one of the perks to the job is the neon green car she gets to drive.

“It’s so much fun driving around in it,” Keene said. “I tell you, I break a lot of necks driving past people in that car. They’re spinning around to get a second look. It’s definitely a perk.”

Keene said the highlight of her stint, so far, was when she went to the KahBang Music Festival in Bangor.

“I’m a huge fan of music, so that was an amazing experience,” Keene said.

After her year is up with Young and Free Maine, Keene said she hopes to find a job where she can continue to educate people and provide them with information. 

“I’d love to continue with the bank, if it’s possible to do that,” Keene said. She also might like to get back into journalism, which was her area of study throughout school, she said.

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