Oxford, Harrison, Woodstock residents arrested in Knox robbery


KNOX — Five people, including residents of Harrison, Oxford and Woodstock, were arrested Monday night, after a man said they assaulted and robbed him at his home in this Waldo County town.

According to a report by WMTW, the incident happened around 10 p.m. Monday on Frye Mountain Road.

The man invited a woman he met on Facebook to his home and when she showed up, four others, including Billy Knights, 35, of Oxford and Stephen Mickeriz, 19, of Harrison were with her. The man said that Knights and Mickeriz assaulted him while three women stole marijuana from his home, according to the WMTW report.

Knights and Mickeriz were arrested during a traffic stop in Kennebec County, along with Jessica Morrill, 38, of Woodstock, Courtney Morrill, 19, of Westbrook and Iresha Mckenzie, 26, of Boston, Massachusetts.


Knights and Mickeriz were charged with robbery and assault, while the Morrills and Mckenzie were charged with robbery, according to WMTW.

  • FrankE

    It’s stories like this that justify my view on gun ownership. I’ve owned guns all my life. Yes, in my younger years I did own a couple of Bushmaster assault rifles, mostly for shooting up abandoned cars in the quarries of MA.
    Now I own a much lower profile of weapons. I also take advantage of the low cost and simplicity of video surveillance. If your at my front door, you’ve already been on video for a little while.
    Given the seemingly flagrant increase in home invasions,I feel it’s irresponsible to even consider the banning of guns. My town has no police department, and county coverage is light. I can’t imagine a scenario that would protect me from people like the ones arrested in this story. I need to protect myself and my property and I will be video taped every step of the way. I’m not some big second amendment nut, I just feel it’s everyone’s right to be safe in their own home. My home is after all my castle, and a gun is cheaper than digging a mote around the trailer……..

  • Richard Begin

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