Oxford Hills school administrative plan presented Monday


OXFORD — The Oxford Hills school board is set to approve an administrative staffing plan Monday that will eliminate 2.5 principal positions and save a projected $210,000.

The move, which Superintendent Mark Eastman said Friday must happen to address a projected $4 million revenue loss in the next few years, will result in a major administrative shakeup at the district’s eight elementary schools.

Three of the eight principals have either retired or resigned. They are Oxford Elementary School’s Alan Struck, who is retiring this year; Hebron Station School’s Tiffany Karnes, who is resigning at the end of May; and Otisfield Community School’s Linda Park, who is resigning but will remain at the school at least through the next year.

“Now I can place (the remaining administrators) where they need to go,” Eastman said.

Under the plan, Principal George Sincerbeaux will stay at Guy E. Rowe Elementary School in Norway and Principal Jane Fahey will remain at Paris Elementary School. Principal Margaret Emery will continue at Waterford Elementary School and assume the same position at Harrison Elementary School.

Melanie Ellsworth will be principal of the Agnes Gray School, where she is currently the administrative leader, and be principal for Hebron Station School. Harrison Principal Kim Ramharter will move to Oxford Elementary School.


Park, a teaching principal for at least the past 25 years at Otisfield Community School asked Eastman to let her stay on in some capacity after her Feb. 28 resignation became effective. The resignation, which will be reviewed by the Board of Directors on Monday night, is being made so Park can take advantage of her retirement benefits while still working at the school in an as-yet-undefined capacity, Eastman said.

Denise Inman will stay as assistant principal at Oxford Elementary School; Jane Morse will stay as assistant principal at Guy E. Rowe Elementary School and Mary Lou Peterson will stay as assistant principal at Paris Elementary School.

Eastman has said having fewer principals could have long-range, positive budget effects. It would also, in part, help deal with declining enrollment in the elementary schools, he said.

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