P. Gamache: Help is just three digits away


Emergency services for Auburn residents are now faster than ever. With Auburn Fire’s EMS responders just a 9-1-1 call away, callers will receive medical assistance from a committed, highly trained EMS and 9-1-1 team.

This new EMS service provides a good opportunity to remind citizens LA9-1-1 stands ready to serve. With a minimum of four people on duty, we are equipped to handle multiple responses to simultaneous events. Even with a major fire or big winter storm, our telecommunicators provide medical advice to callers through emergency medical dispatch protocols. With EMD protocols, we can help a patient suffering from a seizure or stroke and talk a nervous father through child birth.

Nearly 100 percent of all cellular calls to 9-1-1 from Auburn, Lewiston and Poland are now answered by LA9-1-1, which means fewer call transfers and the immediate dispatch of responders.

Senior citizens remain reluctant to dial 9-1-1; they aren’t sure if their situation warrants an emergency call. They say, “I don’t want to bother anyone, but …”

Don’t think twice.

You no longer need to remember a seven-digit number; calls to 9-1-1 automatically deliver location information that dramatically decreases response time.

The Auburn City Council proclaimed the Auburn Fire Department the primary emergency medical services provider for the city, and Lewiston-Auburn 9-1-1 is ready to take calls.

Don’t hesitate; one call does it all.

Phyllis Gamache, director, Emergency Communications System, Auburn