P. Hilton: Has intelligence and honesty


District 65 voters need to send Rosa Van Wie to Augusta as state representative. An energetic educator herself, committed to restoring state support to public schools and fair pay for teachers, she is also up front about her belief that a real “pro-life” position supports a woman’s private decision about birth control and abortion.

Incumbent Ellie Espling, by contrast, sponsored or co-sponsored multiple anti-abortion bills in her two terms in the Maine House, and a bill this past session to have a fetus declared a person for the purpose of civil damage suits. Though she never mentioned it during her campaigns, no subject has actually received more of Espling’s attention.

She also said recently she does not think equal pay for women is a problem here in Maine.

Van Wie is Maine’s future and her extraordinary passion, idealism, intelligence and honesty is needed in Augusta.

I will vote Rosa Van Wie

Penelope Hilton, New Gloucester