P. Webber: Traffic control lights


There I am, in Auburn, sitting behind a vehicle waiting for the traffic light to turn green. Without warning, the vehicle in front of me goes across two lanes of traffic against a red light. I thought sure he was going to get hit, but he made it.

Lately, more often then I dare to count, I have seen the same scenario played out, both in Lewiston and Auburn.

Isn’t a few seconds of waiting worth a person’s life? This is Maine, not Boston. People need to slow down and wait their turn. The life you save may be your own.

A traffic-control device may emit only the colors green, red and yellow, except for a pedestrian signal carrying a legend.

The lights have the following meanings: A green light, if circular, means the operator may proceed straight through or turn right or left, unless a sign prohibits either turn; a yellow light, if steady and circular or an arrow, means the operator must take warning that a green light is being terminated or a red light will be exhibited immediately, or if showing rapid intermittent flashes, means the operator may proceed only with caution; a red light, if steady and circular, means the operator must stop and remain stationary until an indication to proceed is shown,  or the operator may cautiously enter the intersection to make a right turn after stopping.

Phillip Webber Sr., Lisbon