Pack Life to hold “April Stools Day” cleanup event


Pack Life, a local nonprofit dedicated to dogs, is hosting its first annual “April Stools Day” cleanup on Saturday, April 3, and the group is looking for volunteers, sponsors and supplies. 

Volunteers will form teams and go to various problem areas in Lewiston-Auburn to clean up animal waste that has been left behind by dog owners. They will also do a general cleanup of those areas, including pickup of trash and debris.

Last month, the Lake Auburn Watershed Protection Commission decided to post signs along Whitman Spring Road in Auburn and to monitor the area in an effort to get dog walkers to clean up after their animals. If that doesn’t work, the commission said it may consider banning dogs from the area.

With its April Stools Day event, Pack Life hopes to keep local parks and trails open to dogs by cleaning up after the dog owners who choose not to clean up after their animals.

“It’s not a fix-all, by any means” said Cassandra Lang, co-founder of Pack Life. “Dog owners need to pick up after their dogs. Sometimes the waste has a way of building up over the winter, so we just want to do our part to help clean up after those who choose not to and help remind everyone why it is so important to pick up after their dog, every time.”

The group is seeking volunteers to help with the event, as well as sponsors. It is also looking for supplies, including rubber gloves, poop scoopers and cleanup bags, trash bags, trash grabbers and hand sanitizers.

For more information, to volunteer or to donate, e-mail Lang at [email protected] or call 754-5757.

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