Paper carriers keep all tips


DEAR SUN SPOTS: I just recently found out that my paperboy has not been getting his tips, which I include with my monthly payment. I can’t imagine working so hard as they do to get the paper to me in all kinds of terrible weather only to not get their tips from their employer. Can you explain why?

My second question is what happened to Paul Janus the weatherman on Channel 8? I found him very upbeat and always happy; now Sarah Long is on. I truly hope he didn’t get replaced by her.

Thanks for your help. — Jeanne via email

ANSWER: Sun Spots put your question to Sun Journal Circulation Director Mike Theriault, who said he wished he had more information so that he could research your situation. You can call him at 689-2861 (toll free 800-482-0754, ext. 1261) or email [email protected], and he will straighten it out.

Meanwhile, he offers this:

“When a subscriber makes a payment to the company and includes a carrier gratuity, the full amount of the gratuity is applied to the carrier on record at that time. It is not withheld, or disbursed in installments. The carrier would receive the full amount in the form of a credit on their next weekly billing cycle following the posting of the subscriber’s payment. The entire process (minus the actual posting) is systematic.”

As for Paul Janus, this is the second time she’s had this question, so she emailed WMTW and received this response:

“Paul Janus continues to be part of Maine’s Total Weather team, as he will help us on occasion, covering vacations and holidays.”

Sun Spots takes this to mean that he will not be the lead weather person, but whether Sarah Long will be on every night remains to be seen.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: About Nov. 9 the Sun Journal had a photo of the canal and the mills. I have a painting by Bill Paxton which was apparently done from it with some embellishments. Can you tell me anything about it, like where it was taken? You also might be interested in a nice one of the Dewitt, site of the Sun Journal. Thank you. — A.R. Cummings, [email protected]

ANSWER: Sun Spots is not sure if this is what you are looking for, but thanks to chief photographer Russell Dillingham, she found this story on the canal,, which features an old postcard of the canal with it.

If that is the story you mean, Sun Spots can’t be of much help. She doesn’t know where the postcard used in the story came from, but reporter Kathryn Skelton, who wrote it, pointed Sun Spots toward this for-sale item on Amazon:

She said that are also a bunch of vintage postcards of downtown, including this one, on eBay:

Sun Spots does not have any more information, but she does know that there are vintage postcards of many Maine towns featuring beautiful art.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I thought this would be a good time to ask about the Cryptoquip puzzle. How come this puzzle is not in the Sunday edition of the paper? It does appear in the Maine Sunday Telegram, but I don’t buy that regularly. Enjoy your column all the time; thanks for all the good hints and answers. — D.C.D., Lewiston.

ANSWER: Sun Spots turned to Sun Journal Executive Editor Rex Rhoades for your answer. He said that “the design of the daily and Sunday comic pages are very different. The daily design allows for a variety of feature shapes, including the slightly vertical Cryptoquip. The Sunday color comics are all horizontal blocks, which are not adaptable to the Cryptoquip format.”

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