Parenting lesson


This is in response to an article published Jan. 12, headlined “We weren’t thinking.” It was about a couple who left their baby unattended in a car. Christopher Butts, the baby’s father, made the comment that he “doesn’t see why this became such a big deal.”

Let me enlighten him a bit.

Two-week-old infants are unequipped to care for themselves. What if the child had choked on something she had spit up? What if the vehicle had a malfunction and caught fire, or slipped out of gear. What if someone wanted to take the baby? Who would have known? Were the doors locked? What if another vehicle hit the car in the parking area?

I’m glad it has been hard for him to return to school and work, as the article said. Maybe next time he will think twice. It’s not about him anymore.

I give kudos to the individual who called the police. I would have done the same thing, and have in the past. Using the excuse that “We were only parents for two weeks” doesn’t cut it, as my children would say.

I hope they understand now that they have a major responsibility to keep their child safe, no matter how late they are. They should thank God they have only to pay a fine.

It could have had a more dreadful outcome.

Bonnie DiFazio, South Paris