Parents should be aware


Do parents really know what their kids are doing with all of the new technology? I think parents should be more concerned what their children are doing with all of the new technology.

Teens should know that sexting is not a good thing to do. Sexting is where teens send nasty pictures to somebody over the phone.

Most parents don’t know what teens are doing on their phones or their laptops. As it said in a Youth Development article about sexting and teens, teens think it would be cool to send nasty pictures to people who they like, to get them to like them.

I think that if somebody really likes somebody, they should just tell them that you like them and see what happens from there.

In a new nationwide survey of 1,280 teens and young adults, researchers found that one in five teens are using technology to send sexually explicit pictures of themselves to others, either posted online or sent over a text message. One in five teens and one-third of young adults said they had sent a nude or semi-nude image of themselves to others.

There should be classes that talk about sexting and abuse over the Internet. I think people and parents should be more aware of what some teens do over the Internet or with texts.

Please help make people more aware.

William Curry, Auburn