Paris agrees to share General Assistance administration with Norway


PARIS — Selectmen on Monday night agreed to share administration of the town’s General Assistance program with Norway.

The agreement will go into effect if Norway selectmen approve it at their Thursday night meeting.

The agreement, meant to further “efficiency and expedience” in both towns’ programs, according to the document, would give Paris access to a workfare program, which Norway has had in place for years.

In Norway, workfare recipients help at the transfer station and with maintaining public parks. Hours worked are based on minimum wage for the amount of money received.

A common administration would also let both towns know if people are using multiple addresses to receive benefits from both towns.

Selectmen voted unanimously to enact the agreement. Town Manager Phil Tarr said there is an escape clause where either town can withdraw from the agreement with a 30-days notice.

“Believe me, if it doesn’t work, we can escape,” Tarr said.

Each town will still pay for assistance for its residents. Administrative costs will be split “in a fair and equitable manner taking into consideration the workload generated by each town,” according to the document.

If Norway selectmen approve it Thursday, the agreement will go into effect immediately.

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