Paris detective promoted to lieutenant


PARIS — Paris Police Department Detective Sgt. Jeffrey Lange has been promoted to lieutenant and is the department’s second in command, chief Michael Madden said in a statement Thursday.

Lange, 43, was hired in October 2013 as primary investigator.

In his new role, he will assume duties as the department’s executive officer, Madden said. 

Over the past year, Lange has spearheaded the detective division, overhauling evidence storage, the department’s training division and retention of vital documents, Madden said.

A New Jersey native, Lange worked as a firefighter, prison guard and police officer in a small New Jersey force before he was hired by the Columbus (Ohio) Police Department in 1996. He worked there for 12 years as the lead investigator with the special victims unit and as a detective investigating organized crime and gang activity. 

In 2008, he was a contractor working with the U.S. Department of Defense, where he gained top U.S. security clearance conducting criminal investigations and training U.S. and Afghan forces. Before coming to Paris, he worked training Afghan special forces on countering explosive devices and helping the country’s police and courts prosecute criminal cases.

“Lt. Lange is a loyal supervisor and takes a lot of pride in the town of Paris. I think he will continue to perform at a superior level with the additional duties and responsibilities he will take on,” Madden said.  

The 10-question exam conducted at the Town Office broached topics, including accomplishments, achievements, scenarios, budgeting and visionary questions, according to Madden. The promotion includes a raise, and Lange is now a nonunion administrative member of the department.

“The promotion of Lt. Lange is part of the ongoing restructuring and rebuilding of the Paris Police Department. The PD has come leaps and bounds over the past year and morale is at an all-time high. I am very proud of everything we have been able to achieve and promotions are a part of that process,” Madden said. 

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