Paris school reading Olympics postponed


PARIS — The Paris Elementary School Winter Reading Olympics was postponed indefinitely Friday when heavy, windswept rains washed away hope for enough snow to hold the competitions.

The  games were part of a school-wide reading program — it had a Winter Olympics theme — the children have been participating in since early last month.

“If we can do it at a later date, we will, if we ever get any snow,” Jody Truman at the Paris Elementary School said Friday morning.

The plan was to put students into teams to compete in an outside event that mixed trivia with physical skill. Those not competing would be sledding or enjoying snow sculpture activities.

But in the end, the only part of the program that could be held was showing the movie “Balto.” The 1995 animated live action film is based on the true story of a sled dog with the same name who helped save children during the 1925 diphtheria epidemic by delivering serum to Nome, Alaska.

In early January, students at the school kicked off the reading Olympics with a colorful opening ceremony when each class marched under a different nation’s flag into the gymnasium where they were told they were about to embark on a reading adventure that would combine reading books for the next two months and learning about different cultures.

Despite the disappointing Olympic games part of the two-month long event, the school was busy readying itself for Monday’s closing ceremonies.

Children will march in with their flags and receive their gold medals for reading. The number of books that the children read in total will be announced at that time.

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