Paris selectmen: Kimball’s behavior ‘unacceptable’


PARIS — Selectmen have signed and sent a formal letter of reprimand to Rick Kimball, whose behavior as a member of the Norway-Paris Cable TV board of directors has come under fire in the past month.

The letter comes in advance of next week’s joint meeting between Paris and Norway selectmen to address concerns with the cable TV board’s activities and governance.

At its meeting Monday, board members unanimously approved a formal letter drafted by board Chairman Bob Kirchherr.

“The Paris Board of Selectmen finds your behavior unacceptable,” the selectmen wrote.

In the letter, selectmen state that Kimball was involved in a verbal and physical altercation with a fellow NPCTV board member at a meeting on Sept. 18. Additionally, the selectmen state that Kimball was “rude and disrespectful” and misrepresented himself when he contacted a NPCTV vendor.

Furthermore, Kimball continued to conduct NPCTV business even after he agreed not to, selectmen charge.


Selectmen first contacted Kimball about the altercation in mid-October, but were unable to meet with him until last month. During that time, according to the letter, there was an “understanding” that Kimball would not participate in NPCTV business until he met with selectmen.

“Your actions and your failure to act in avoiding a physical confrontation demean the NPCTV board’s reputation. They also create a negative image of Paris, its citizens and the Paris Selectboard,” selectmen wrote.

If similar incidents occur in the future, selectmen warn, it could mean additional sanctions against Kimball, up to rescinding his appointment to the board.

The six-member NPCTV board is made up of an equal number of representatives from Norway and Paris, appointed by their respective selectmen.

Paris selectmen, including Chairman Kirchherr and Ryan Lorrain, have expressed concern about how the board is governed, particularly that it has been operating outside the bounds of its charter, bylaws and the town’s NPCTV ordinance. In past months, the body has had trouble getting enough members together to hold meetings.

Norway selectmen agreed last week to hold a joint meeting with their counterparts in Paris on Feb. 20 to address the apparent issues with the NPCTV board.

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