Paris students double reading goal


PARIS — Students at the Paris Elementary School more than doubled their goal of books to read during the two-month reading Olympics program.

In a ceremony held Monday afternoon, nearly 400 students received their gold medals for outstanding performances in reading. The students’ goal of reading 3,000 books during the program was shattered and Superintendent Mark Eastman announced that students had read 6,267 books.

“This is an exciting day,” Eastman told the students who had assembled in the school’s gymnasium under each classroom’s country flag for the closing ceremonies. “I couldn’t believe it when I saw these numbers.”

In early January, students at the school kicked off the reading Olympics with a colorful opening ceremony when each class marched under a different nation’s flag into the gymnasium. They were told they were about to embark on a reading adventure that would combine reading books for the next two months and learning about different cultures.

Eastman, who welcomed the students and their families in French by saying “bienvenue” or “welcome,” said the students ability to reach their goal in reading is something that will set the foundation for their lives.

“Set goals and work hard to reach them,” he told the students just before each was awarded a gold medal.


The Paris Elementary School winter reading Olympics also included an outside physical activity but because of a lack of snow, the event was delayed twice. The plan was to put students into teams to compete in an outside event that mixed trivia with physical skill. Those not competing would be sledding or enjoying snow sculpture activities. The event may be rescheduled if snow arrives again, said school officials.

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