Paris: What You Need to Know


Paris Board of Selectmen

Paris Town Office

Oct. 11, 2017

Special town meeting

What happened: Selectmen approved a special town meeting warrant to coincide with the Nov. 7 general election.

What it means: Voters will choose a School Administrative District 17 director to finish the six months left on Cecil Dietrich’s term. Mike Dignan and Fred Labbe are candidates.


What’s next: A paper ballot will be available to voters on Election Day.

Fire chiefs

What happened: Town Manager Vic Hodgkins announced that Town Clerk Liz Knox swore in Jon Longley as fire chief and fire warden, and Mark Blaquiere as assistant fire chief on Oct. 2.

What it means: This was part of the department’s transition from having part-time paid firefighters to an all-volunteer force. Voters in June cut the Fire Departments budget by more than $145,000 and the chief’s salary to $5,000 per year plus hourly wages. Longley, who was deputy chief, took the chief’s duties from Scott Hunter, who left after the transition. Blaquiere’s position is administrative and working firefighter. He mans the fire station Monday through Friday.

What’s next: The town is still negotiating with Teamsters Local 340 and the per-diem firefighters’ union.

Quitclaim deeds

What happened: Selectmen signed quitclaim deeds to sell former owners their foreclosed properties.

What it means: The deeds are for Dwayne and Debbie Bonney, Katherine M. Colby and Kathleen Griffith-Michaels. The deeds were issued after all back taxes, interest and fees were paid in full. The town has collected more than $95,060 in back taxes this year.

Waste Board

What happened: Selectmen made changes to the Norway-Paris Solid Waste Board.

What it means: Selectmen removed Jenna Mulandi because she is no longer a Paris resident, accepted the resignation of Tony Giambro and appointed Neil Banta.

Welcome signs

What happened: Hodgkins announced he, Selectman John Andrews and Highway Director Jamie Hutchinson placed markers for the new Welcome to Paris signs.

What it means: The markers are on Routes 26, 117 and 119. The signs were made by Swett Signs of Paris and are part of a project by the Economic Development Committee, which includes the town’s new slogan “Heartbeat of the Hills.”

What’s next: Hodgkins, Andrews and SAD 17 Superintendent Rick Colpitts will take a walk around Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School later this week to find a spot for the last sign. The Department of Transportation has to review the sign locations before they can be installed.

Road work

What happened: Hodgkins said paving on Mount Mica Road and Cottage Street is complete, with the remaining shoulder work to be complete in the next week or so.

What’s next: Discussions will begin soon to plan for next season’s road projects, including putting a top coat on both roads. 

Executive session

What happened: Selectmen held an executive session to discuss Hodgkins’ annual performance review. No action was expected to be taken after they returned to open session.

Aspire Higher

What happened: Selectmen approved the nonstandard use form to allow SAD 17 to hold its annual Aspire Higher march down Main Street on Wednesday, Oct. 18.

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