Parked cars block Livermore plow drivers


LIVERMORE — Town plow truck drivers are having trouble in some areas with vehicles being parked in either town turnarounds or within the easements on roads during snowstorms.

Highway foreman Roger Ferland reported on the problems that occurred in four locations to the Board of Selectpersons on Monday, administrative assistant Kurt Schaub said.

Voters approve an article each year that prohibits overnight parking on the roads from Nov. 15 to April 15, he said.

Ferland plans to give vehicle owners one more chance and after that, he will call to have the vehicles towed, Schaub said.

It is unsafe for the plow trucks to have to back down a road to an intersection in order to turn around, he said.

Town officials hope motorists will adhere to the town’s rule on overnight parking to make it safer for plow drivers and less costly for vehicle owners.


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