Parking garages


I think that when the Lewiston city councilors enter office at the start of their terms, they are each issued a shovel with which to throw the taxpayers’ money down the drain.

Bates Mill No. 5 has been an albatross around the city’s neck since the city took it over for unpaid taxes. Untold millions of dollars have been poured into that useless money pit since then.

In the March 2 Sun Journal, the editorial stated that the city should pause before tearing down Mill No. 5. At the drop of the hat, the City Council, at its meeting that evening, decided to follow the Sun Journal’s advice and cancel the demolition. In the March 4 Sun Journal, the front page news was that the “city” (should have read “taxpayers”) will have to pay $50,000 to $70,000 to cancel the contract.

So, now we are left with shoveling up to half-a-million dollars a year for maintenance and heat for that building for the unforeseeable future.

Then, we have another $5 million parking garage that was voted by the city on March 3, when it was stated in the Sun Journal that the city has an overabundance of parking garage space already.

Once, on a trip out West, I drove through a town called Park City, Utah. How appropriate for Lewiston to adopt that city’s name, since parking garages are the major industry that we have here.


Jim Bossie, Lewiston