Patriotism takes a stand


Samuel Johnson said, “Patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels.” Every time this administration gets caught with its pants down, spin doctors run up the flag and sing, “God Bless the King.”

Bush’s attempt to set up a government in Iraq makes it easier to understand the English idea of patriotism. When they were trying to install governments in Ireland, they hung Roddy McCorley for treason, while the Irish called him a patriot.

There is the “my country right or wrong, my country,” form of patriotism. Iraq is so accustomed to repelling foreigners that if Mohammed himself showed up with an accent he’d get the boot. The mujahedeen (holy warriors) are growing in number, and so is public support for driving the infidels from the holy land. Last year, the British press released a report that “up to 65 percent of Iraqi citizens support attacks.”

Patriotism is different in a monarchy than in a democracy. Here, good citizenship means serving America, not George Bush. Generals Newbold, Zini, Batiste, Sinseki, Eaton, Riggs, Swannack are true patriots. We have many veterans like them whose military service has been only part of their service to the country. Their standing up for what is in the best interest of the country is patriotism.

Thank you, Doug Rawlings, Dan Ellis, and all the veterans against the war.

Tom Bulger, Wilton