Paving starts in Minot


MINOT — It was announced at Monday night’s selectmen meeting that the salt shed roof has been installed and the shed filled with salt.

Town Administrator Arlan Saunders said the town had its first round of frozen precipitation last week, allowing the testing of equipment for the season. 

“Everything went well,” he said. 

Pike Industries began paving Tuesday, starting with Strawberry Lane and then going to Sunset Drive. 

Lower Road will be paved last, “if there is money and weather enough to finish,” Saunders said. 

He noted that all budget figures must be submitted before Nov. 30. 

Fire Chief Dean Campbell said he is planning an article to replace Engine 8 at a cost in excess of $260,000.

He added that he will ask for the forestry truck to be replaced, which has been defeated twice before. 

Campbell also reported that the antenna from the Old Grange Hall was removed per the request of the owners, John St. Hilaire and Barbara Fogarty.

The annual Christmas Tree Lighting will be at 6 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 25.