Pay for the war with oil


President Bush, with his tax cut, has done no good for the country’s economy.With the price of gas and fuel oil so high, many will not be able to live as in the past.

The president pushed to unseat Saddam Hussein, but his administration did not realize that the true cost has caused permanent grief for many young widows, their children, and many mothers.

This country is in enormous debt because of the war, with no one to help and still no democracy for Iraq. The situation there is perfect for a civil war.

Iraq has more oil in its ground than many other countries on this planet. The profits from the sale of that oil should go to Iraq and the United States to pay for the war. U.S. taxpayers should not be paying for it.

On another subject, the trade deficit with China has not improved. Why was the red carpet rolled out for the Chinese leader?

Raoul Roy, Jay