Paying a livable wage


We know it costs more than minimum wage to run a household. What most don’t realize is how much it costs taxpayers to allow businesses to pay such a low, unfair wage.

Most people being paid minimum wage are forced to apply for state aid, funded by tax dollars. Is it fair to force taxpayers to pay the remaining wages to reach a fair cost of living?

We have a workers compensation nightmare. Because of fraudulent cases, insurance companies are on the defensive more than ever. This is causing them to not only deny legitimate cases, but also pushes injured workers to become a burden on the tax-funded health care system. The health care system is never fully reimbursed, which is very costly to taxpayers, who are covering a good portion of the policies for the insurance companies.

Now the state has a no-fault law, which means an injured employee gets only medical and lost wages, and we know we cover most of that anyway.

My recommendation is to eliminate the requirement for workers compensation in the state and raise the minimum wage to $9 per hour. This would actually save businesses and the taxpayers a lot of money, because there would be no fraudulent claims, and there will be no need for minimum wage employees to be taking from taxpayers.

Is it really that hard to figure that out?

We should demand change to save taxes before another reason is found to raise them.

Edward Todd, Rumford