Penobscot restoration funding lauded


AUGUSTA (AP) – Environmentalists expressed satisfaction Friday over the inclusion of $10 million to restore the sea-run fisheries of the Penobscot River in a Bush administration request.

Advocates said the fiscal 2008 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration budget seeks $39 million nationwide for protecting and restoring coastal and marine areas, including a project to eventually restore habitat for endangered Atlantic salmon and other fish.

“The White House and NOAA are indicating to Congress that the success of this innovative partnership among business, state, tribal and federal government and citizens to restore the Penobscot River is of great national value,” Execurtive Director Laura Rose Day of the Penobscot River Restoration Trust said in a statement.

Her sentiment was echoed by Penobscot Indian Nation Chief Kirk Francis.

“We commend the administration for its support for this and we express our appreciation to the Maine congressional delegation who have been so supportive and encouraged the administration to continue funding this project,” he said.

They said funding would involve $8 million for dam acquisition.