People are angry


Bay Buchanan, in her talk to Bates students (story, March 9), would like us to believe that the American people are angry with illegal aliens when, in fact, we are angry with the politicians she represents.

For years, political hacks like her have diverted the electorate’s anger toward powerless groups, such as welfare mothers.

If they have ears in their heads, they know the anger is about $2 trillion disappearing from the economy, resulting in the need to bail out the banks.

It is about foolish wars that drain the nation’s resources and make it beholden to China.

It is about being terrorized by a health care system that might preclude our eligibility for the service we most need.

It is about legislators not doing their jobs.

We are angry because the jobs we need are disappearing.

We are angry because people such as Ms. Buchanan have cushy, do-nothing jobs while people in rural Maine go without.

Bates College officials need to find someone to speak to reality, as opposed to blaming the  country’s problems on the powerless.

Jim Tierney, Auburn