People are not chess pieces


For those people who live on Orchard Street, Summer Street, Main Street or one of the many other streets in Lewiston and Auburn that share a name, the folks of One LA have a surprise: There is a 50 percent chance they will be forced to change their addresses. That would lead to confusion among any loved ones, plus chaos to UPS, FedEx, the U.S. Postal Service, 911 staff, etc.

I believe the people of One LA are taking the same attitude that President Donald Trump and Gov. Paul LePage do toward everyday people. They behave like they know what is best without taking into account what is important to ordinary people.

The people of One LA pitch all the merits of a merger as “progress,” but they are really grandiose fantasies. I believe that if the merger happens, the everyday people will be taxed into oblivion before the dramatic changes can occur.

A city is not a business. People are not chess pieces.

Those people who like Lewiston and Auburn the way they are should join me in voting “no.”

Anne Ceplikas, Auburn