Perspective on illegal aliens


Cubans coming to the United States from a country with health care and enough to eat are granted asylum.

Mexicans coming from a country with rampant poverty and economic oppression are not.

Some legal immigrants, here on work and school visas, turned out to be terrorists; last I knew, no Mexicans have flown into any buildings.

We have NAFTA, and openly trade products but are not open to the people we trade with.

China with its cheap labor has now amassed 80 percent of our country’s outstanding debt and is continuing to grow. We send our cheap labor back.

Medicare will be in the red by 2018, partly due to more workers retiring than entering the workforce. Making the illegals legal means they will pay taxes and companies that hire them will pay taxes.

Mexicans entering the country and those already here come for the opportunity to work. I know plenty of Americans who do not.

I understand we don’t want to reward those who are here illegally, but if I were on the other side of the fence, I’d be jumping. Feeding my children and giving them an opportunity they would not get in Mexico would seem justified in my eyes.

Until Mexico has an economy like ours or Canada, they will continue to come. Walls are not a deterrent.

I am not for socialism. I am not for welfare. I am, however, open to reason. Sending 11 million people packing is unreasonable.

Robert Belanger, Mechanic Falls