Peru selectmen approve sand contract


PERU — The Board of Selectmen unanimously voted Monday evening to award a $16,250 contract for winter road sand to a Sumner company.

Board of Selectmen Chairman Lee Merrill said Maynard and Sons Trucking submitted a bid of $6.50 per yard for a total of $16,250.

“They said that the order would be delivered and put up,” Merrill said.

Maynard and Sons was one of five bidders. The other offers ranged from $21,250 to $26,250.

Merrill asked Road Commissioner Joe Roach if Maynard and Sons was reliable.

“I have no idea if he’s reliable or not personally, but I’ve heard good things,” Roach said.

Selectman Jim Pulsifer said Maynard and Sons’ bid was “an awfully good price for the town,” and “it has been the town policy to accept the low bid.”

“Yeah, but just because the price is low doesn’t mean a bidder is reliable,” Merrill said.

Roach said he heard that Maynard and Sons is responsible for providing sand to a lot of towns in the area, and that selectmen can check references before officially accepting the bid.

“Sometimes, the only way you learn whether or not someone is reliable is by trying them out,” Pulsifer said.

Selectman John Witherell made a motion to accept the bid by Maynard and Sons Trucking, which was approved by a 4-0 vote.

In other business, the board voted to award building permits to Phil Hotham of 103 Paradis Road for a foundation under his camp, and Gary Cushman of 694 Greenwood Road for a 4- by 10-foot ramp to his home.

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