Peru Selectmen revisit accountability for Recreation Committee funds


PERU — At their regular Monday night meeting, selectmen revisited accountability for Recreation Committee funds by its former chairman, Tim Holland. At times, the meeting became unruly with selectmen and residents shouting at each other.

Selectman Wendy Henderson said that people are still questioning why selectmen have failed to get a full accounting for the funds. She said that she believes this matter should be finished.

“People want to know what happened to the Recreation Committee money,” Henderson said.

Selectman Jim Pulsifer said that he did not believe it was worth pursuing. He questioned if it was worth taking Holland to court to get an accounting for the funds.

Pulsifer previously said that he shared with Holland the contents of a certified letter from the selectmen requesting that Holland turn over the Recreation Committee books. Holland never picked up the certified letter and has not produced the requested records.

Selectboard Chairman Lee Merrill said that while the money is unaccounted for, it would cost more to take Holland to court than it was worth.

Pulsifer said that he was unhappy with the way the old Recreation Committee was run, but he would rather move forward than look back.

Resident Larry Porter said that there have been reports of embezzlement from nearby towns and that the disposition of the Recreation Committee funds should be investigated.

Several months ago, a group of concerned citizens, the Peruvians for Honest Government, filed a Freedom of Information request with the town. They still say they were not furnished all of the records they requested.

The town originally charged PHG $60 for the records that were furnished. Resident Dawna Kazrigis said that the money was returned after PHG found discrepancies in the records that were furnished.

Kazrigis reminded the selectmen that PHG had provided the selectboard with data showing questionable expenditures. She questioned whether or not any of the selectmen had reviewed the information furnished.

No formal action was taken on the matter.