Pet lover alert: Be wary of small objects


DEAR SUN SPOTS: I would like to share with all pet lovers an event that happened to us. Our 2-year-old cat suddenly became violently sick, with projectile vomiting. He had to undergo emergency surgery as his X-ray showed a blockage. At first, after his surgery, no one could identify what had been removed.

I finally figured out it was a foam earplug like a lot of companies have you wear. Seven years ago my son had worked at a wood mill and used them and somehow our kitty found one of them and ate it! They can cause huge problems.

Our “Stanley” was young and recovered wonderfully, but if you have those earplugs, put them way out of reach We hope this may save someone a lot of grief. — Becky White via e-mail

DEAR SUN SPOTS: My boxer, Waldo, is suffering from a neurological disorder and would benefit from swimming. Does anybody know of a pool that allows dogs? If so, please call me at 240-0377. — Pat Forsey, Auburn

DEAR SUN SPOTS: As a friend of Tommy’s Feral Feline Friends, I am asking for your help. For those people who do not know, Tommy’s is a nonprofit, no-kill shelter in Greene which cares for feral cats. It receives no federal or state funding and relies on the generosity of individuals to help pay for the food and veterinary care for the hundreds of discarded cats in their care.

The annual yard sale is coming up June 25–26. In addition to donations, the shelter is hoping some kind, generous person or business can donate a place to hold the sale and space to store any yard sale donations until the sale. They are a wonderful organization run by loving, giving people and need your help to continue providing for the forgotten cats in our society.

If you can help in any way, please contact Norm at 650-8374. — Sherry, Mechanic Falls

DEAR SUN SPOTS: My husband has a $50 gift certificate to Mulligan’s indoor golf that was located on Lisbon Street in Lewiston. Any idea who we can contact to get our money back for this? Thanks. — Jessica, [email protected]

ANSWER: Sun Spots does not know what happened to Mulligan’s. The phone number now rings at a private home. You could contact the Consumer Protection Service of the Maine Attorney General’s Office at 1-800-436-2131 and see if they can help.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: In response to the April 19 story about John Gagnon, who found the dog tags from soldiers in Vietnam in a shop and is trying to return them, that’s a very nice thing he is doing. Does he have any with the name Harrington? He was killed there in, I think, 1968.

Also, I want to know if anyone knows what happened to the Popular Club Plan out of Passaic, N.J. I ran the club for 30 years or so and have a lot of dividend certificates and reward orders saved up. Last I knew they were going to send new books, but I never received them. Also, they may have gone online. If anyone out there knows, please let me know. — Linda, Lewiston, 212-8453

ANSWER: Sun Spots is sorry to tell you that the Popular Club went bankrupt. One posting said they were taken over by Fingerhut, but Sun Spots was unable to verify that. She did get the following bankruptcy information: Bankruptcy Court 609-989-2128. case no. 06-17231, filed in 2006, Consumer Affairs 973-504-6200, U.S. Trustee’s Office 973-645-3014. Sun Spots doesn’t know if any of that information will be helpful, but it was all she could find.

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