Peter C. Barry Sr.


LEWISTON – Peter C. Barry Sr., 59, Native American (Cherokee) of Lewiston died of cancer March 22.

He was born Aug. 16, 1946, in Kittery, a son of Roland and Abbie (Collins) Barry. He was employed at Humpty Dumpty potato chips, and later made wooden toys, retiring because of poor health. He volunteered at Pierce Street and Alan’s Place resource centers until they closed. He enjoyed Pow-Wow’s, had a respect for mother earth and all creation. He was fond of animals. He was divorced several times.

He is survived by two sisters; nine brothers, one son; and 12 daughters; close friends, grandmother Flo and Eddie (Grey Fox); friends, Deb, Pauls, D’Lynn Tabby, Perilynn, Arnie Neptune and Jane, Tammy Mohamad, Norm S. George, Derek and Frank.

He is now in peace and walks in the shadow3 of the great spirit.