Peter C. Stenberg


1949 – 2015

LISBON — Peter Stenberg passed away on Sunday, Aug. 9, at home.

He was born in Boston on Nov. 19, 1949, to Peter Stenberg and Sabina Mary Kavanaugh. He attended Boston area parochial schools as a child and graduated high school from Cardinal Cushing Academy. He went on to graduate from University of Massachusetts, Amherst, with a BS in sociology and psychology in 1974, Masters in Education from Boston State College and a Masters in Social Work from West Virginia University in 1980. He worked as a social worker at CMMC, then established Lisbon Counseling, a child and family counseling service in which he practiced for 30 years.

He married Janet Blair in 1973 and they spent their honeymoon traveling by car to Alaska. The following summer, they backpacked across Europe. They were young and optimistic about their lives together and what could be accomplished in the world, a belief and joy they always held onto. They were also best friends. Peter’s best Christmas present ever was the birth of his first son, Sheamus. Together, they enjoyed boy scouts, camping and traveling.

Peter and his son, Liam, had a tradition, starting when Liam was 7 years old, to go traveling for a month in the summer. Together, they went to Newfoundland, across the U.S. and Canada, Alaska, England, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands and at least 10 other countries. They were extremely close and Peter often referred to Liam as his “traveling buddy” or “navigator,” because of his grasp of geography. Liam loved to learn and Peter loved to teach his son. Their bond was unique and unbreakable.

He loved to discuss history and educate those around him. He loved to talk to people. Once when he was a social worker in the hospital, he came across a patient who recognized him from when he was a teenager and Peter was working in a neighborhood sheltered workshop. The patient thanked Peter for talking with him at that difficult time and told him what a difference he had made in his life. Peter had an ability to encourage even the narrowest of minds to look at the bigger picture from other points of view, as well as to think creatively. Throughout his life, Peter has always made it a point to find truth and help others. He is and always will be profoundly missed by his family.

He is survived by his mother, Sabina Kavanaugh Stenberg of Massachusetts; his wife, Janet; sons, Sheamus and Liam; his sister, Margaret; niece, Lauren; and nephew, Garrett.

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