Petition submitted to require videotaping Canton meetings


CANTON — Selectmen accepted a petition Thursday night from resident Chris Dailey calling for all municipal meetings to be videotaped.

The petition was signed by the required number of people, but Town Clerk Kathy Hutchins will have to verify they are all registered voters.

The petition states that the videotaped meetings would be available on the Internet and the local access channel, and copies kept as a permanent record. It was not determined how this would be budgeted.

Dailey said in an informational letter that he wanted the meetings videotaped because he felt the written minutes do not contain all that transpires at meetings.

He also questioned a possible conflict of interest with board members having relatives in other paid town positions. LD 1297 addresses this issue, but it is still pending.

Dailey said he wants a referendum vote on the petition before the June 25 town meeting. The board discussed how this would be handled, but did not set a date for a public hearing on the issue.

Selectman Shane Gallant reported on the MedCare ambulance service meeting he attended Wednesday night. He said that with the population drop in the 2010 Census, the rate per capita the town pays for the service should remain about the same.

Gallant also suggested that Meadow View Road be gated due to Jeeps using it for a mud run.

Selectman Donald Hutchins questioned gating the road.

Gallant said The Ancient Ones of Maine is holding its spring gathering this weekend and planned to use the road but reported it’s impassable. The group celebrates early-American life.

No decision was made on gating the road.

The board discussed problems with the wiring at the old municipal building and voted to have a contractor determine what needs to be done to bring it up to code. Resident Colby Davis said the building has no structural problems.

Board Chairman Scotty Kilbreth reported that he attended a meeting with Victorian Villa nursing home, which has adopted a policy to eliminate flushing rags down the toilet.

The rags have caused considerable cost to the town in repairs at the Wastewater Treatment Facility.

Kathy Hutchins said if the school budget passes, the town will see no increase over its $53,000 a month assessment. She said there is a $1,300 increase in the county assessment.

Hutchins and Gallant reported on a meeting regarding the CityWatch program, which will automatically notify all residents if there is a disaster in town.