Photography at museums and historic houses often source of income


ANSWER: This is a common practice in museums and historic houses as a way to protect a valuable source of income. The McLaughlin Garden photography policy is available on its website. It states:

• Families taking informal photos may use the garden for photography free of charge (staying on the paths, not standing on benches or walls, and not bringing props of any kind to the Garden).

• All members (volunteer and paid) may take photographs for their own private use free of charge.

?• All photographers taking photos for commercial purposes (portraits, wedding photos, fine art photos), must purchase an annual photography sponsorship for $50 if they wish to take photos in the Garden. As a sponsor, your name will be listed in a sponsor category on our website, bringing greater visibility to your work. Please do call in advance to schedule a time for wedding photographs.

All photographers must register at the Garden Gift Shop upon arrival, including sponsors and members. Photographers taking photos without a membership or sponsorship will be asked to stop taking photos immediately.

You can become a sponsor or member by visiting the Garden Gift shop or calling 207-743-8820. Please do not step into the flowerbeds, climb on rocks or benches, or bring props of any kind to the garden.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: My grandparents lived in Rumford, Maine until last year. Now that they have retired, I would like to purchase a book or two about their hometown as a gift for them. Do you know where I could purchase Rumford history books? Thanks. — No Name, No Town.

ANSWER: Contact the Rumford Historical Society, 145 Congress Street, Rumford, Maine 04276; 207-364-2540 or [email protected] They have books for sale that are listed on their website that include “A History of Rumford, Maine, 1774 to 2000,” by John Leane. Another book listed for sale is “Rumford Stories,” by Linda MacGregor, which is a collection of short stories and photographs about Rumford people from interviews conducted by the author. You’d have to call the Society to find out if these books or others are still available whenever you are ready to purchase.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: The Waterford Grange #479 is sponsoring a craft and yard sale from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays throughout the summer. We will have handcrafted knit, crocheted and sewn items, decorations for all seasons, as well as books, toys, and much more. There will be something for everyone. Items will change weekly. Donated items gratefully accepted by calling mary DeLorenzo at 207-583-4490 or Sharon McAllister at 207-928-2878. Proceeds will enable us to support charitable organizations and make needed repairs to our historic building. The grange is located on Route 35 next to the North Waterford post office. — Thank you.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: For the person who wants to know where to get native all-white corn. Go to Walmart. They have it. I think they would tell where they get it. It is very good. — Janice V. of Monmouth.

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