Don’t pick on elderly drivers


Since I first heard about a proposal to force older drivers to take more frequent driver exams, I started a log based on newspaper reports of driving infractions.

At the time of this writing, I have recorded 79 driving infractions. Of those, 57 allegedly were commited by drivers 35 years old or younger. One driver was 73 years old, while the rest were under 64.

There were 11 drunken-driving arrests of persons under 35, while 10 arrested drivers were older than 35. Also, there were four drunken-driving arrests of drivers under 21.

There were 16 arrests of drivers under 35 for operating after suspension; only one arrest of a driver over 35. Four under 35 were alsocharged with driving without a license, while only one arrest was made of a driver over 35 on the same charge.

One 58-year-old hit an elderly lady while she was in a crosswalk. No charges were brought, contrary to the signs in the walkways that say: “Stop for people in the crosswalk. It’s the law.” There are no exceptions given to the law.

It seems to me the geniuses in Augusta are trying to raise ruction in the wrong age group. They don’t need to pick on any age group. They should increase the punishment for continued wrongdoing. It’s the repeat offenders who seem to be the problem. And they keep on driving.

Marshall Longway, Dixfield