Pit bull owner pleads guilty to threatening cops


PARIS – Elizabeth Crockett did not want to leave Oxford County Superior Court with a criminal conviction, but it was the best way out, her attorney said Friday.

Elizabeth Crockett, 45, of 9 Norton Road in Dixfield was arrested July 31 after a scuffle with police at her home. It ended when police shot her pit bull, Lady. Police alleged that Crockett sicced the dog on them; she said it just got loose.

However, a plea bargain struck the words, “with the use of a dangerous weapon, a pit bull dog” from the criminal threatening charge. She ended up pleading guilty to the Class D misdemeanor offenses of criminal threatening and refusing to submit to arrest.

She was given a suspended sentence of six months, one year of probation and a $20 fee.

“I think we reached that negotiated agreement in light of all the surrounding circumstances of that afternoon,” said attorney Kevin Joyce who represented Crockett. “Criminal courts have not dealt with her extensively.”

He said Crockett felt confident she would have no problem meeting the conditions of her probation, which include a psychological examination, not committing any crimes and not using alcohol and illegal drugs.

In previous reports, both parties agreed that Dixfield and Mexico police approached her home that night, but then their stories split.

Police say they went to Crockett’s home to investigate harassing phone calls she had made to the Rumford Police Department. As they turned to leave, Crockett followed them and let her dog go. Police shot the dog, and she attacked the officers.

Crockett told the Sun Journal that officers came to her house with guns drawn. They left, then paused in her driveway. She went out to talk to them, holding her dog by the collar. The dog’s collar broke, and the animal ran toward the officers.

She said that when the police started shooting at the dog, it ran away, but they kept shooting. She rushed to comfort the dog, and in the process she “may have hit someone flailing to get to the dog.”