Pittsfield mechanic finds body in trunk of car

Maine Public Safety Spokesperson Steve McCausland said state police are investigating a body that was found in the trunk of a vehicle at Varney Chevrolet in Pittsfield. (Colin Ellis/Morning Sentinel)

PITTSFIELD — A body has been found inside the trunk of a car at a Pittsfield dealership.

State police say they are on the way to the scene at Varney Chevrolet.

This story will be updated.


  • mainer18

    what kind of car what color we need to ban these car so no more people have to die

    • Steve Violette

      If the car killed that person how could the corpse get in the trunk? More likely the person was killed then put in the trunk.

      • mainer18

        as in the gun debate someone put the bullets in and someone pulled the trigger

        • Matt Moore

          Forget it, mainer18, you’re not going to get anywhere with the cancers responding. Steve was intelligent enough to see through your sarcasm and deduced that it more than likely wasn’t the actual automobile that commited a crime. However, I am confident he believes a gun is a living organism that has the ability to think and act for itself. And Lloyd the libtard, who immediately attacks you and calls you a socially challenged imbecile, insinuates you’re gay, I guess? Lloyd hates guns and gay people.

    • Lloyd Morris

      Said the socially challenged imbecile, from his knees, as he continued swallowing…..