Not the place for a casino


I hope the citizens and City Council of Lewiston remove their blinders and see that approving a casino in downtown Lewiston is just as ingenious an idea as installing canopies on Lisbon Street. Remember them?

When Connecticut built casinos, they built them in the middle of the woods and then built two-, four- and six-lane highways so people could get to them. Look at downtown Lewiston’s access roads: Lisbon Street, Lincoln Street, River Road, Main Street, Chestnut Street, Ash Street and Cedar Street. These roads can’t even handle late afternoon traffic when people get out of work, and by today’s standards are just one step better than a dirt road.

Lewiston didn’t receive much snow this winter, but we did get a glimpse, albeit shrouded in secrecy, of the biggest “snow job” ever to come to Lewiston in years: the proposal for a casino.

Oxford County, in the middle of the woods — now that’s a place to build a casino; not in downtown Lewiston.

Ray Perreault, Lewiston