Planting of the marigolds


WILTON – Many small hands made quick work of planting marigold sprouts in small containers Thursday at Cushing School. Eventually, the seedlings will be transplanted to adorn Bass Park next to Wilson Lake, downtown window boxes, around the library and town office.

With more than 2,000 plants started for the Miracle of Marigolds program, students from Cushing elementary school placed some of them in containers Thursday and students Academy Hill School did the same at their school Wednesday.

Miracle of Marigolds’ purpose is to encourage the next generation to help revive and beautify the lakeside town with flowers and plants, according to John Black, who with his wife, Corey, owns Rocky Hill Landscaping. He said previously that he remembered planting flowers as a child in Sunday school and it made him think about having children participate in beautifying the town.

Betty Shibles, a community organizer, named the project Miracle of Marigolds.

“The kids love it,” said Black, who helped with the project this week, as did his wife. In a few years when the students are grown, hopefully they will remember the beauty of the flowers spread around their hometown and start taking part in the life of the town, he said.

The couple will tend the seedlings during school vacation this month. Afterward, teachers will take the plants back to the classrooms so students can tend them until they plant them around town May 18.

Seventh-grader Tavia Robshaw job shadowed the Blacks and helped first- and second-graders with planting.

The Blacks are preparing their greenhouses for Maine Greenhouse and Nursery Day on May 1 when greenhouses across the state plan will be open to the public for tours and demonstrations, they said.

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